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Jumping Rope – Self Locking Skipping Rope


High intensity fat burning rope

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Product Description:

  • Innovative self locking adjusting: Adjust rope length to perfectly fit your body height.
  • Streamline handle design: creative and modern design
  • One-piece bearing: Highly recommended by our research & development team.
  • Two steel ball bearings: Smooth at high speed without stuttering.
  • Precious metal selection: Use brass nickel plated elements.
  • High-strength spring: More high temperature resistance and good toughness.
  • Aluminum handle: Frosted feel
  • Electroplating metal process: Wear-resistant and anti-oxidation
  • With excellent appearance design, meticulous production details, clever ideas and experience. Won the utility invention patents in the U.S., Germany and the U.K.


Fitness exercise and weight loss competition training

  • Every time you jump is a full-body aerobic exercise
  • Burn fat efficiently in very short time, with high intensity
    fat burning rope.
  • Jump out and boldly pursue the beauty you want.


Innovative integrated design, let you love sports and stick to fitness

  • Everyone has a Rope that suit their body height
  • We have creatively designed a self-locking lock, which can be used by children, adults, families. It can be automatically locked by gently threading the rope into the skipping rope handles.




Advanced bearing technology

  • Incorporating industrial-grade brass nickel-plated metal elements
  • From the selection of materials, we have selected the brass nickel-plated metal element that is only used in the industry. It can provide better wear resistance for the bearing under the condition of long-term use. It also has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and anti-rust.



High toughness spring

  • Cleverly cooperate with the lock to achieve pressing



Customized magnesium alloy handle

  • Electroplating handle body, feel comfortable, refuse to paint off.


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